vrijdag 5 juli 2019

A new rudder

We've left Vuda and went over to Denarau Marina. They were expecting us and the haul out went very smooth. Once on the hard we took the rudder out, which was more difficult then in the water.
We were very curious how the emergency rudder would look like from the outside,  but even more from the inside.

In the workshop from South Pacific Fibreglass, Nick cut the rudder open with an angle grinder. The smell that came out was horrible. Eva was right. "It will be a moldy rudder". It smelled and looked like a sewer. Disgusting. But anyway, it brought us safely to the spot where we wanted to be.

Nick Tansley the owner and director of South Pacific Fibreglass is officially a surfboard builder. He's made over 5000 surfboards in his life. If you place all these boards one after the other, they will have a combined length of more than 10 km. So he knows how to deal with fiberglass.

Nick already had done his home work and could start with the job immediately. His assistant Navneet, took care of the cosmetic damage of Acapella.

In the mean time we cleaned, polished and waxed the hull. Acapella never looked better.

It took just a couple of days to get a brand new rudder. Nick has done a perfect job and we really want to recommend his services.

If you ever need some fiberglass work done on your boat, it doesn't matter what. Just call Nick Tansley from SOUTH PACIFIC FIBREGLASS (+6799268488) located in Port Denarau Marina, Fiji.

Look at the video we've made about the 'rudder repair'.

After a week on the hard, we're back in the water again and ready for new adventures.

Once again we'd like to thank everybody for the moral support you gave us. It really helped.